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Discover the Freedom of LASIK
In less than a minute, LASIK gently and microscopically reshapes the eye's surface to sharpen focus. After a brief recovery, most people see clearly-free of dependence on corrective eyewear.

Our Expertise
Our small team of highly skilled specialists has a long track record of success. They draw on the combined experience of 100,000 LASIK procedures and over 500,000 cataract-related surgeries. More than 1,700 healthcare providers refer patients to us for surgery. And numerous NFL players, spouses, and coaches have turned to our surgeons for LASIK vision correction.

Our Technology
Blade-free LASIK at PCLI is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art procedure. Our surgeons use precise, computer-guided laser systems to evaporate a small amount of tissue and adjust the eye's focusing power. This is usually less tissue than the thickness of a human hair. The procedure is relatively simple for those undergoing treatment and takes just a few minutes. Most people can return to work the next day.

Your Family Eye Doctor
Our doctors work with many optometrists throughout Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. If it is convenient for you to have your before and after-treatment care with your family optometrist, this may be an option. When your doctor performs the necessary preparatory and follow-up care, we will reduce our fee appropriately. However, please keep in mind that your family optometrist will charge for the vital service they provide.

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