20/20 Institute

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The 20/20 Institute LASIK surgeons are working to completely reinvent the field of LASIK.

Corporate chains focus on high volumes and sales of the month. We believe you deserve more: more transparency, more attention to results, and more personalized care.

LASIK is more than a surgical procedure; it is a transformative event that changes the way you see and interact with the world. We don’t offer flashy gimmicks or monthly sales. We are committed to 20/20 vision, and we guarantee our results. In fact, we are the only LASIK Center in Colorado with a 20/20 or it’s Free LASIK Guarantee. You will achieve 20/20 vision or better after your LASIK vision correction surgery, or you will get a full refund. We take great pride in the fact that 99% of our Denver LASIK eye surgery patients have achieved 20/20 or better vision*.

LASIK offers you more freedom to enjoy your life and participate in the activities you love. The procedure is quick and the recovery is typically smooth.

Denver, CO

1331 17th Street Suite M-120
Denver, CO 80202

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Westminster, CO

10170 Church Ranch Way, Ste 300
Westminster, CO 80021

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Englewood, CO

6501 East Belleview Ave., Ste. 140
Englewood, CO 80021

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