Core Cycle

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Core Cycle is an indoor cycling and reformer pilates studio in Twin Falls, ID.

Your new healthy lifestyle starts here with cycling and Pilates classes in Twin Falls. Have you fallen off the health and fitness wagon and just can’t seem to get back into routine and find your rhythm? Are you looking in the mirror each morning disappointed in yourself for not being able to stay consistent in the gym and living up to your true potential?

The days keep flying by and there goes another one where you didn’t make it to the gym and instead ended the day with a glass of wine, on the couch, binging another show…. you’re tired and it just feels impossible to balance a healthy and fit lifestyle with all of the other priorities of life and pulls on your time and energy. You’ve tried working out at home, you’ve tried gyms, you’ve tried all the latest shakes and crazes but nothing sticks? All you want is a little routine, something that’s yours, that’s fun and makes you feel awesome inside but nothing you’ve tried has worked.

First of all, we've ALL been there!

The way you feel right now is 100% valid and 100% sucks!

Here is the GOOD news!

You do not have to stay there. It is possible to find the healthy and fit-boosting routine that you’ve been searching for. It is possible to love your workouts and have fun moving and challenging your body! You just have to find the right place and the right team! You’ve already done so much; we already know that you have a ‘Can-Do’ attitude. Now, we are here to give you the rest of the tools to help push you over the top and get you back in your healthy groove.

All you have to do is get moving! And our amazing team, fun workouts, and tools will help you keep moving!

Twin Falls, ID

163 Cheney Dr W # 200
Twin Falls, ID 83301

(208) 735-8997